No More Water in the Tub

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No More Water in the Tub

Have you ever left the water running in the tub and found it cascading over the sides onto the floor? William's mother tells him he can leave the water running for one minute and no more but in comes his older brother, Walter. who turns the water up to run even more and even faster in that one minute and suddenly William and his bathtub are surfing down the halls and out the door into the apartment below. "You're not our regular pizza boy," says his neighbor as he floats by.

It's a story within a story. As his building catches on fire, William sails out the door into the street..."Great job putting out the fire, son" says the fireman. Tell me another story, Walter, says William. Then William forgets about turning the water off and suddenly.....and will the story come true? A rollicking romp as the neighborhood sails everything from a potty to a bathtub around the halls and walkways. Ages 4-8 32 pages

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