Nimoshom and His Bus

nimoshom and his bus

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HighWater Press March 2018
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Social Studies Curriculum

Nimoshom loved to drive the school bus. Every day, on the way to and from school, he had something to say. Sometimes, he told the kids silly stories. Sometimes, he taught them a new word or phrase in Cree.

Nimoshom and His Bus introduces readers to common Cree words and phrases. A glossary is included in the back of the book.---from the publisher

32 pages                  978-1553797081                       Ages 4-6

Keywords:  school bus, Cree language, Indigenous people, Canada, diversity, diverse books, Social Studies Curriculum, multicultural

ERAC Evaluated and Approved.


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From School Library Journal:

Nimoshom means "my grandfather" in Cree. The narrator tells readers about her grandfather's experience as a school bus driver and his interactions with the children he saw every day. Each spread teaches a word or two of Cree as greetings, observations about the day, gentle scoldings, and storytelling, within the context of the story . "In the morning, nimoshom would greet the kids. He would say: 'Tansi!' Tansi means hello." It is obvious that the narrator's grandfather loved driving a bus and the children loved him. The penultimate spread explains that some Cree don't say goodbye, and that, "Nimoshom was one of them." Instead they say "Ekosi," which which has many meaning, including "okay, that's it, or amen."

Despite the use of past tense throughout the book, the final spread still resonates emotionally as readers realize that these are memories. "Nimoshom was a good man. Ekosi." The tender story is accompanied by soft watercolor washes dominated by blues, grays, and school-bus yellow. The loose style is well suited to the reminiscent tone of the text while firmly asserting the modern day setting. There is a list of Cree words at the end of the story but no pronunciation guide is provided; however, that shouldn't discourage non-Cree speakers from enjoying this sweet story. VERDICT Part language primer, part loving tribute, this picture book adds up to a lovely addition for most library collections.—Anna Haase Krueger, Ramsey County Library, MN

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