Nibbles the Book Monster


Consider yourselves warned…there is a monster on the loose.  

 Size:  Small.  

Color: Yellow 

We’re talking about a cutie with teeth…two big teeth to be exact….teeth that love nothing better than devouring a book or three.    He’s not all that picky.  Just about anything with pages will satisfy his book tooth.

One glimpse at the unusual cover tells you there is fun lurking here.  Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Nibbles.  He’s crated at least momentarily but if you make the mistake, and undoubtedly many will, of opening the flap, this guy will seize  the day ..quite the carpe diem kind of a monster…and there may be no stopping him.  

You see he loves to nibble.  A nip from the bar of soap..heck yeah.   A mouthful of sock…why thank you.  Rubber ducks?  Check.  Toes?  Got to.  But his favorite meal of all is a hefty stack of books.  

Turn that next page and you will ascend into book heaven.  Where is Nibbles? Can you find him?  Is he under Black Beauty?  Wait, is that him down by Watership Down?  No, no…I think I see him over by Esio Trot.  

Yes, you’re going to have a blast discovering so many of your favorites stacked up and tracked over as Nibbles has chomped his way through literature.  

The rascal escapes and to our utter delight hightails it off into someone else’s story … or two.  

Stories within stories that your young listener will no doubt recognize now include Nibbles and a few well chosen chomps that may fracture a fairy tale or two.  

This is a fast-paced tickle destined to be read at bedtime, story time or in the hallowed halls of kindergarten or beyond.  

(You can buy a Nibbles …soft and cuddly… and a great devourer of stories.)

978-1610675024  20 pages  Ages 5 and up

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