Nerd Camp

Nerd Camp

Gabe is about to meet his new stepbrother to be, Zack, and he really wants to make a great impression. He is thrilled to finally have a brother and he's planned all kinds of things to say to kick off the brothership. But when Zack shows up it's pretty obvious to Gabe that he is a cool guy ... the complete oppposite of Gabe and if Gabe wants Zack to like him, he can't reveal everything about himself.

One of the things he won't be telling Zack is that he, Gabe, is headed to a summer camp for gifted and talented kids. So, how is Gabe going to build this relationship and get Zack's good opinion?

This is a summer of gifted and talented kids coming together, showing how creative and wonderful and smart they are in really cool ways and how Gabe, one of those talented kids, uses his creativity to share just the right amount of info with his stepbrother to be. It's fun and funny and really entertaining to see how Gabe is going to write a script for Zack that will work.

We do have stereotypes and kids can be pretty hard on each other when they feel uncomfortable. Zack might not be open to accepting Gabe but would the kids at the gifted and talented camp be open to accepting someone who doesn't have their kind of smarts...someone like Zack?

Tables can turn...and maybe we can all learn something about finding the gifts in each other and enjoying them instead of measuring for certain qualities and being quick to judge. Insightful and gently thought-provoking while being a fun story written by an author who knows a lot about running a gifted and talented camp for great kids.  Ages  9-12  270 pages  978-1442417038

Recommended by: Barb

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