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Orchard Books 2014

Heartwarming, heavenly  and hilarious, Naughty Kitty will tickle little readers' funny bones! Lily wanted a new pet and her first choice was a dog, but her mother said no to that. Lily ends up with a cute kitten who seems nice and fluffy enough, but trouble is brewing in this household and it's just around the corner. Readers may catch on from a newspaper peeking out of the mother's handbag on the first pages. Before the appearance of big trouble, the paper sits on the kitchen table and alert readers will see a glimpse of what appears to be a large jungle cat at the back door. Lily's back is turned as she leaves the room so she doesn't spot him.Animals  have escaped from a nearby zoo. When a wild  visitor gets into the house and eats cake from the counter, trashes the kitchen, and rips the living room chairs, Lily blames the only suspect, little, tiny Kitty. The tiger causes even more trouble when he lays on all the beds and leaves a stinky mess. Lily never realizes the true culprit. Young readers will laugh as they see an escaped tiger who is causing all the trouble. They will probably point out the tiger and wonder why doesn't Lily see him. Poor little Kitty takes the blame and shame, and Lily is none the wiser.Illustrations by the author make Kitty come to life. Kitty is absolutely captivating: his blissful smile as Lily hugs him, his look of surprise to see wild animals in the back yard, his shameful look when Lily discovers the mess in the kitchen--make Kitty a real character with personality.

From the cover: Naughty Kitty! is, "...for anyone who has been blamed for something they did not do."Highly, highly recommended for all young readers and pet lovers. Naughty Kitty! is an entertaining read and is sure to cause smiles all around.

40 pages   Ages  4-8  9780545576048

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Recommended by:  Pamela Thompson, MLIS, Library Media Specialist, Texas USA

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