Naruto, 1: The Boy Ninja (Naruto Chapter Books,1)

Naruto, 1:  The Boy Ninja  (Naruto Chapter Books,1)

The Leaf Village is home to a school for ninjas. Normally a place of tranquility, today the peace has been broken by another prank by that boy, Naruto. This time he's painting graffiti on the faces carved into the mountain side. His sensei takes him back to the Ninja Academy and tries to discipline him, but Naruto is an orphan who feels that no one wants him and that no one likes him. He struggles to keep up at school, and when the other students are able to do a jutsu,making a duplicate of themselves, Naruto fails. It looks as though he won't pass this year. Angry Naruto is about to let his weakness lead him right into the hands of an evil, power-hungry man. Will Naruto see the light in time to honor himself and his community?

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