Naked Mole Rat Letters

Naked Mole Rat Letters

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Holiday House, 2005
Character-Building Curriculum

So how would you feel if you read an email from a woman to your own father and in that email it sounded like they might have kissed? Well, twelve year old Frankie is shocked and she decides to write this interloper back and explain to her that her father does not have time to correspond and the woman should not waste her time getting in touch again. The feelings are flying but the correspondence does not stop. In fact, the woman, Ayanna, continues to correspond but with Frankie. Now Frankie doesn't know what to think and she's beginning to fear the worst...that her father might actually remarry. An interesting sub-plot develops as Frankie, who has always been a good student and a model character, is able to skip school with no questions asked. Her reputation protects her while a boy in school has a reputation that dooms him to suspicion regardless of the truth. Ayanna works with naked mole rats in the zoo...hence the name of the book. Frankie is learning to deal with the loss of her mother, the fear of her father remarrying and the disappointment of not getting a part in the school play that she really wanted. Know any girls whose emotions send them flying? Perfect book for them! 264 pages Ages 9-12

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