My Name is Sally Little Song

My Name is Sally Little Song

Before the Civil War, many slaves made a run for freedom by heading
north.  What is less well known is that a number chose to head south,
because it was said that the Seminole Indians in Florida protected runaways.

Shortly after this story opens, 11-year-old Sally Henderson’s Pa learns that
their master plans to sell his children.   Rather than allow Sally
and her older brother, Abraham, to be sold, the family plans to escape from
their Georgia plantation.  The Hendersons begin the perilous trek to
Florida, facing dangers from the swamp and in fear of slave catchers on the
trail of runaways.  Disaster strikes, yet the family perseveres until they
reach Seminole country. Even though the Hendersons are welcomed by
the Native Americans, they are not safe—yet.

This action-packed, heartwarming story is convincingly told through Sally’s
eyes, and each chapter opens with a short verse she has composed.  Her
perceptions of the world around her and the events as they unfold make both the
Henderson’s story and the historical period–including the brutal reality
of slavery–come alive.  A natural choice for historical fiction buffs,
Brenda Wood’s magnificent novel will resonate with readers who enjoy stories
with strong characters as well as those who search for, and find, their place
in the world.  Powerful.  Ages 10-12

192 pages

ISBN:  978-0142409435

Reviewed by: Barbara Karp, Librarian, New York, USA

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