My Life Book 2: My Life as a Stuntboy

My Life Book 2:  My Life as a Stuntboy

“As he talks, I try to remember if he and I have ever had a conversation that didn’t include some kind of pep talk about reading. But this time is different. If they give their permission, I’ll even promise to grow up and become a librarian – that’s how much I want to be in this movie.”

Reluctant reader Derek Fallon is back. He’s pestered his parents into becoming a foster family for a capuchin monkey. He’s signed a contract with his parents allowing him to be a stunt man in a movie featuring a popular teen actress, and he’s fighting with his best friend, Matt. When Derek’s monkey is kidnapped, Derek learns who his friends are and what responsibility means, without adults preaching to him about being responsible.

Recommended by Alice Cyphers, Librarian, Pennsylvania, USA

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