My Magical Snowman Push Pull Slide (My Magical Friends)

My Magical Snowman

Follow a snowman through his wintry wonderland, with tactile elements on every page

Meet the sparkly snowman who brightens his world wherever he goes! Push, pull, spin, and slide your way through his enchanted wonderland as he transports a team of elves to the North Pole to help Santa fix his broken sleigh. Readers spin a wheel to animate the character on the front cover, and holographic foil creates a truly impressive effect. With gentle rhymes, bright colors, and a bit of sparkle and shine, this novelty board book is sure to delight!---from the publisher

8 pages                      978-1419744624                Ages 2-4

Keywords;  snowman, interactive book, pull tab, slide, push, board book, Santa Claus, helping others, fun, 2 year old, 3 year old, 4 year old, part of a series


This is a fun one.  If you have one of those small people in your life who doesn't light up with a big smile when you get out a stack of books, then you are going to really appreciate this one.  Those kids often would rather "do" something than read about it.

This story is made for them.  It's short.  They get to make something happen on every page...whether it's turning a cardboard wheel or pulling a tab.  The snowman in the story is helping Santa Claus.  Yep, the big guy and his elves someone to fix Santa's sleigh and Snowman is that someone. If you've read any of the other books in the series you can have fun searching the illustrations to find the characters from the other stories. So it's fun and it's fast and it has a happy ending.  You may actually read this one a few times.... won't that be amazing?!

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

Investigator will want to see how they did it. Jokester will enjoy making things move. Teamplayer will like working together and Santa. Champion will like the friendliness and the helping.

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