My Last Best Friend (Friends for Keeps)

My Last Best Friend  (Friends for Keeps)

Girls, girls, girls. Oh, it's so hard to navigate the waters of fourth grade girl friendships and Ida May's best friend has moved away leaving her in that painfully awkward place of no best friend. Now her parents are best friends with the Drews-Mrs. Drew is President of the PTA and they have a fourth grade daughter, Jenna, who knows just how to act in front of the grown-ups and then turns into a monster as soon as their backs are turned. She thrives on putting Ida May down.

Then, Stacey moves in. You automatically think , ah, this is the one who will see Ida May for all she's worth but that Jenna is one of those queen bees who really knows how to manipulate the group and she pulls Stacey in right away. Funny thing though. Even though Stacey doesn't stand up for Ida May in those critical minutes when she could make such a difference, she is looking for a real friend.

Slowly, Ida May begins writing notes back and forth with Stacey-only Stacey knows her correspondent as Cornelia and has no idea she's Ida May. The description of the power of Jenna is so realistically portrayed and this would be a great mother daughter book club book. Ages 8-11  160 pages  978-0152061975

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