Mudshark knows what makes someone cool. It's not their clothes or what they own. It's how they think. Mudshark is a thinker and he has come to be known as the Answerman. If you've lost something or have a problem, you can turn to Mudshark for the answer. Now, it seems there is a parrot at school who has even more answers than Mudshark. Has Mudshark lost his place? Has he lost his cool? The principal hopes not because he has some problems with gerbils and the faculty bathroom that could use some answers.

This is a hilarious story of a school turned upside down and a boy who wants to reclaim his top dog status!

96 pages                            978-0553494648                 Ages 9-13

Keywords: school story, humor, reputation, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, 12 year old, 13 year old

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


The Mudshark Detective Agency is on the case in a winning tale from Gary Paulsen, about whom Booklist writes in a starred review, "When it comes to telling funny stories about boys, no one surpasses Paulsen."

Mudshark is cool. He's fast-thinking and fast-moving, and with his photographic memory, he's the go-to guy with the answers. Lost your shoe? Your dad's car? Can't find your homework? Ask Mudshark. At least, until the Psychic Parrot takes up residence in the school library.

The word in school is that the parrot can out-think Mudshark. And right now, the school needs someone who's good at solving problems. There's an escaped gerbil running the halls, a near-nuclear emergency in the faculty restroom, and an unexplained phenomenon involving disappearing erasers. Once Mudshark solves the mystery of the erasers, he plans to investigate the Psychic Parrot. . . .

In Mudshark, Paulsen introduces readers to a resourceful boy who will have kids everywhere thinking, and laughing.---from the publisher

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