Mrs. Katz and Tush

Mrs. Katz and Tush

A boy Larnal Gives Mrs. katz tush. Then MRS. katz tells larnal about her life. After that They lost tush but They found her. Then MRS. katz and went to her Husband's grave. They put stones on Mrs katz husband's grave. Then Larnal had Hanukkah with MRS. katz.

Five Stars

Recommended by: Max C., 3rd grader, Kentucky USA


This is a unique story of the special bond that develops between an elderly widow, a young African-American boy named Lionel, and a pet cat. When Mrs. Katz's husband dies, the young boy offers her a kitten to keep her company. He helps her name the cat Tush and helps take care of it. She shares her life stories with her young friend, including her life in Poland before immigrating to the United States.Mrs. Katz invites Lionel to Passover Seder and, during the course of the traditional Jewish meal, describes the history behind Passover – drawing similarities between the Jewish and African-American experiences with slavery. This heart-warming book is based on a true story. Patricia Polacco's books are worth reading any time!

32 pages  Ages  7-10  978-0553081220

Recommended by Christy Pierce, Librarian, Maryland USA


A wonderful, childless Jewish lady named Mrs. Katz has been befriended by an African American boy, Larnel and his mother.  Mrs. Katz has lost her beloved husband, "such a person" and has no family to join her for Hannukah and Passover celebrations.

Larnel remembers a litter of kittens newly born in the basement of his apartment building and he brings the runt of the litter to Mrs. Katz to see if she would want to adopt her.  It is ugly, has no tail but Mrs. Katz decides to keep the kitten and names her Tush.

Kitten and Mrs. Katz become great friends and Larnel and Mrs. Katz become great friends too, sharing kugel and stories afternoon after afternoon.  The loneliness of Mrs. Katz's life is disappearing as she cares for Tush.  Larnel and Mrs. Katz discover the things they have in common because of the pain and hardship both their peoples have known through history.  The Jewish people being persecuted and the African Americans suffering the horror of slavery and both knowing the ugliness of prejudice.

Larnel...such a person.  Mrs. Katz...such a person.  Tush... such a cat and making the world a better place.

32 pages  Ages 7-10

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(Updated: April 15, 2013)
it is a very good book and i agree
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