Mogie: The Heart of the House


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Simon and Schuster 2014
Character-Building Curriculum

Welcome to the very special house that sits "smack dab in the middle of the big city."  This is no ordinary house.  This is the house that offers a home to families from all over the world whose children have gotten so sick that they need a special hospital to care for them.

Not far from the special house is another house.  It's a small but very cozy house.  This is where puppies run wild.  Well, some of these puppies actually are being trained to be service dogs to help people.  Some of these puppies are going to learn how to be Search-and-Rescue dogs.   

But one of the puppies is very special in his very own way.  Meet Mogie.  He has failed at Service Dog.  He has failed at Search-and-Rescue.  He is a "no-thanks, no way, no how" kind of dog.  Mogie is a rule-breaker par excellence.

But Mogie has something special inside.  One very special day... Mogie got inside the special house where the sick children lived and he broke all the rules.  Then, he made some rules of his own.  

This is a gentle, hopeful, heart-tugging story about a dog with a zest for life and some children who have had their zest taken from them.   There is magic here.  There is wonder here.  Here is a book that reminds us that deep down inside of all us, rulebreakers or not, there is a special place that waits and cherishes every moment of every day.  Sometimes we just need some help to find it again.  

Hope you discover a Mogie today!

The real-life Mogie lives and works at the Ronald McDonald House in Houston, Texas.  Aren't we glad he does!!!

978-1442480544  Ages  4-12 and most grown-ups   32 pages

Recommended by:  Barb,

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