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  • Mo and Dale Mysteries, Book 4: Law of Finders Keepers

Mo and Dale Mysteries, Book 4: Law of Finders Keepers

Mo and Dale Mysteries, Book 4:    Law of Finders Keepers

When the phone rings in the bedroom of Mo LoBeau, sixth grader in her prime, is usually means a new delightful mystery is about to unfold.  This phone call is one of those.  Turns out it is going to  snow in Tupelo Landing, North Carolina.  Thes is predicting five inches and that means school needs to close for lack of plows and flake experience and that leaves the door open for a mystery to walk in.

Mo LoBeau and her crew of Desperado Detectives, Dale, Harm and Queen Elizabeth are going to have a new case and it's  beaut.  Turns out Blackbeard's Treasure is more than likely buried within bicycle range.  An out of towner, Gabriel Archer the Tenth has arrived with visions of gold doubloons.  His assistant turns out to be none other than Kat Kline, struggling star-to-be and Harm's mother, at least once removed.

But that's only what the left hand is working on. The right hand has just been handed some clues as to the whereabouts of Upstream Mom, Mo's long lost mother.  So while the search for the treasure expands across Grandmother Miss Lacy's lands and beyond,  the search for the mother spreads out across the state of North Carolina.  Mo has her hands full.

Mo and her crew need to figure out where that treasure is and they are up against some people who don't play by the rules.  Mo wants more than anything in the world to find her mother and she writes letters of hope to her again and again as she gets closer and closer to knowing who she was and where she might be.  I'm coming, Upsteam mother.  I'm coming.  The wish of every child is to get back to that mother where it all began and where the love is waiting.

Written in an effortless and magnetic voice, this is the story of true friendship, real loyalty, people who love you for who you are, honesty and hope.  It will send you rolling with laughter, nodding your head with recognition, and will warm your heart as deeply as it goes with the love that is invisibly connecting these characters to one another.

Everyone knows an Attila.  Everyone is thankful for the Miss Retzyls of the world.  A lot of us want a date with Lavender.  But most of all, we want to believe that if we had washed up in a hurricane, we would have found the Colonel and Miss Lana and we would have made a friend like Dale and possibly even fallen in love.

Heartwarming doesn't come close to saying it.  Hilarious is just a drop in the bucket.  Genius about sums it up.

So sorry the series is coming to end.  Hate to see these good friends move on and leave us.

352 pages 978-0803739628 Ages 9 and up

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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