Misunderstood Shark

Misunderstood Shark

Live on Underwater World With Bob, today we're going to learn fun facts about sharks.

The camera pans over to the star for the day and catches him in the act of opening his mouth to get a quick bite.  Quickly, the interviewer cues him.  "Don't eat that fish.  People are watching."  Shark is excited and thrilled to hear he is on camera.  You mean people can see me he asks?

A star is born.  But born to do what?  Is he just a misunderstood well-intentioned fella or is he really out to eat whatever swims by?

A hilarious tale of television, the shallowness of celebrity and the power of a good reputation.

48 pages           978-1338112474        Ages 3-7

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


Every beachgoer knows that there's nothing more terrifying than a... SHARRRK! But this shark is just misunderstood, or is he? In a wholly original, sidesplittingly funny story, New York Times bestselling author Ame Dyckman and illustrator Scott Magoon take this perennial theme and turn it on its (hammer)head with a brand-new cheeky character.

The filming of an underwater TV show goes awry when the crew gets interrupted by a... SHARRRK! Poor Shark, he wasn't trying to scare them, he's just misunderstood! Then he's accused of trying to eat a fish. Will Shark ever catch a break? After all, he wasn't going to eat the fish, he was just showing it his new tooth! Or was he? Explosively funny, extraordinarily clever, and even full of fun shark facts, this surprisingly endearing story gets to the heart of what it feels like to be misunderstood by the people around you. With a surprise twist ending, our Misunderstood Shark will have kids rolling with laughter!--from the publisher

48 pages          978-1338112474    Ages  4-8

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