Mister Shivers, Book 1: Beneath the Bed and Other Scary Stories


Oh happy day.  Every librarian I know can count on one hand the scary story books he/she/they has/have to offer our youngest readers. Those young readers -we're talking the ones who can read a sentence or two and have moved on past mop and cat - are scouring the shelves for those scary books and after they scour the shelves they come and stand looking us in the eye and daring us to find them something REALLY scary so they'll have a book they want to read.

So, as I said, oh happy day.  The Scholastic people apparently have also had the scary story stare down experience and they have felt our frustration and have miraculously found an author who can write at the level the kids can inhale at the same time he's writing the stories these small future Stephen King reading creatures want to read:)

So we are headed into the haunted house.  The haunted house with the wood that feels alive.  Brother and sister, John and Beth are going into the haunted house on a dare.  On this dare they have to visit every little old room in that house. Even the scariest room and that room is the one at the top of the stairs.  You have to go up, and up, and up and up and the suspense builds and you open the door and there are eyes staring at you...........

Hey, this is only chapter one and it has a fantastic cliffhanger final sentence.  When the kids get to that sentence they are going to want to read every single story - and there are 5 of them- in this deliciously frightening little book written for the "transitional reader."  Heck, kids are going to work to BE transitional readers just so they can read this book.

We're talking about books that take you right up to that really creepy, scary ledge but are smart enough not to go too far.  These books understand the wiring diagram of the kids who will some day grow up to read (and they will be readers because they found this series early on in their reading lives) Holly Black and Leigh Bardugo and Cassandra Clare and whoever else is writing the scary stuff in those decades.

After chapter one you will meet the hair in the child's mouth that goes all the way down to the stomach and you will meet the statue at the yard sale and you will find out what happens to the guy who didn't bring in his toys before the storm.

"What is hiding beneath the bed?"

"Why is there a chill in the air?"

"Who is scratching at the window?"

These stories are being shared at the request of a Mister Shivers.  When the next scary story stare down comes to your library, you've got shivers galore to hand 'em.

64 pages                978-1338318531                      Ages 5-7

Keywords: short stories, chapter book, scary, creepy, suspense, thriller, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old, reluctant reader, part of a series, spine chilling, spooky

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


New York Times bestselling author Max Brallier's easy-to-read scary stories are perfect for beginning readers!

Pick a book. Grow a Reader!

This series is part of Scholastic's early reader line, Acorn, aimed at children who are learning to read. With easy-to-read text, a short-story format, and full-color artwork on every spread, these books will boost reading confidence and fluency. Acorn books plant a love of reading and help readers grow!

What is hiding under the bed? What is scratching at the window? Find out in New York Times bestselling author Max Brallier's scary stories collection. These five spine-chilling stories will have beginning readers everywhere begging to stay up late to read (with the light on!). With authentically scary, easy-to-read text and creepy, full-color artwork throughout, this book is perfect for young children who crave lite scares. This is also THE book to share at sleepovers or around a campfire. It will send SHIVERS down your spine!---from  the publisher

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