Mirandy and Brother Wind

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Mirandy and Brother Wind

Who can catch the wind? It's a seemingly impossible task but Mirandy is determined she will be the one because she wants the wind on her side when she dances in the junior cakewalk dance contest. She's heard an old saying that "whoever catch the Wind can make him do their bidding." Will black pepper be the secret to her success or maybe a little bit of conjure from Mis Poinsettia? There has to be some trick she can put up her sleeve to catch that old Wind when he's not expecting her. In the end Mirandy's special partner for the cakewalk is Ezel, described by others as "a clumsy 'ol boy." How can they win the prize? Written in African American dialect and filled with joy and hope and determination this book dances its way across its pages as Jerry Pinkney's magical illustrations deal the beat, the wonder and the celebration of an old tradition. Ages 5-9 32 pages

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