Milo Armadillo

Milo Armadillo

Okay I want to be four again and have my mother read me Milo Armadillo by Jan Fearnley.

Meet Tallulah who is about to have a birthday and all she wants for her birthday is a pink fluffy rabbit. Now that shouldn't be too hard but it turns out there are no pink fluffy rabbits anywhere. Not in the stores and not in the pet shops.

Grandma and her knitting needles ride to the rescue. Grandma who is no white-haired old lady I might add, sits in her chair clicking away making a very special pink fluffy rabbit. She's not the queen of knitting however and things go astray. In fact when the package is opened on the birthday, the rabbit is actually an armadillo, named Milo.

Well, Miss Tallulah isn't sure about this. I mean Milo tries to impress her but it just isn't working. After all, the girls at school all have pink fluffy rabbits. Milo attempts to change. He offers up his body to the beauty parlor and attempts fluffy. No dice. In utter despair, Milo decides he will ask Grandma to unravel him and begin at the beginning. Hmm....something about appreciating others perhaps? Heartwarming and delightful. 40 pages

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