Mike Stellar: Nerves of Steel

Mike Stellar:  Nerves of Steel

"Rewrite? I knew Mrs. Halebopp was out to get me." Mike Stellar would love to escape from his teacher but he's shocked when he learns he and his parents are about to board a spaceship to Mars where they will set up a small colony in space. Mike's parents had been responsible for an earlier mission into space that never returned and he's never felt comfortable since. In Mike's world the drivedropper grabs the car and stores it under the house, the grass shrinker shrinks the grass instead of mowing it and Mike talks to his best friend, Stinky, on a peapod. His older sister gets to stay behind with their grandmother. But, once on the spaceship, hurtling toward Mars, things start getting a little strange. First, his mother's assistant, Mr. Shugabert, seems to be doing less assisting and more spying in Mike's opinion. Mike finds out that his sister isn't with their grandmother after all and his parents don't seem too upset about it. Then, a girl, Larc, shows up and seems to know a lot about everything and her aunt, who is also aboard, turns out to be Mrs. Halebopp, Mike's teacher. What is she doing here? Are they really headed to Mars and who are his parents really about to sabotage the mission? This is a fun adventure in space story with a hint of romance. But Mike is in for a big shock when Larc reveals her true identity. 272 pages Ages 9-12

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