Michael Vey Book 2: Rise of the Elgen

Michael Vey Book 2:  Rise of the Elgen

Creepy, compelling, and chilling the second book in this series will have teens frantically racing through the pages to find out what horrific plans Dr. Hatch has in store for Michael Vey and his friends—the electric kids.

   There’s McKenna who can create light and heat, Ian –although blind--can see through electrolocation—which means he can even see through solid objects—very handy when trying to see which apartment the bad guys are staying in or trying to locate Michael’s kidnapped mother in a giant complex, Abigal can take other’s pain away, Zeus, well, you know about Zeus, like the Greek god—he can throw lightning bolts, Grace can download information from any computer and keep it stored in her brain, Taylor can reboot people’s thoughts and memories, and Michael is electric! The teens are on the lam and escaping back to Idaho—far away from evil Dr. Hatch and his minions.

   Michael is going to need his friends’ help and his buddy Ostin’s—who isn’t an electric kid, but has a superpower of his own—his near genius intelligence helps out when things get bleak. The Elgen want the kids back and will do anything to control the situation. They have already kidnapped Michael’s mother; next, they take Ostin’s parents and burn down Jack’s house. The kids have no place to hide but they decide to go to Jack’s sister’s tanning salon. While there, a stranger hands Michael a cell phone and the key to a tanning room. He takes them and waits for a phone call as instructed. A voice on the phone convinces Michael to dump the stolen vans—which have GPS devices that the Elgen are using to track them—and change vehicles. The voice directs the kids to a safe house.

   Every time the group begins to feel safe, something bad happens. They are on the run throughout the novel. The mysterious voice gets them to the jungles of the Amazon; they are going to find Michael’s mother and rescue her. Taking down Dr. Hatch and the Elgen will be a nice bonus.

   The macabre secrets they uncover in the jungle are disturbing, yet provocative and are bound to change the course of human history if Dr. Hatch and his army are not stopped. Hatch has created a super-army through brainwashing and mind conditioning. His army will not question an order; they believe him to be a supreme being and their master. If Hatch can unleash his latest invention, it will have ruinous effects throughout the world. He will control governments and kingdoms; no one will be untouched by his evil. *The conclusion seamlessly sets up for book 3. I was happily surprised by the conclusion and some interesting new friends Michael meets.

   Michael is an unforgettable hero with a heart. Rise of the Elgen is thrilling, action-packed, and entertaining. This book will have fans eagerly anticipating book 3.

   Highly, highly recommended for fans of action and adventure. If you haven’t read book 1, drop everything and go out and buy both Michael Vey books. Once you start reading this series, you won’t want to stop. 335 pages  Grades 7-up.

Some violence. No sex. No language.

Recommended by: Pamela Thompson, Librarian, Texas USA

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