Message of the Birds


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Michael Neugebauer Publishing Ltd. 2013 (North American Edition)
Character-Building Curriculum

Christmas time is such a special part of the year with all of its magical moments.  Here is a book that could become part of a family's annual holiday celebration.  

An old owl, gentle and mystical in his demeanor, stands on an evergreen branch with his big claws gripping the bark as snow falls gently all around.  He is telling his story to two bird friends who sit at rapt attention.

This is the story of the baby in the manger who was born with a song in his voice.  This is a song that is to be shared throughout the world.  

But where has this song gone ask the birds as more and more gather in the branches to be part of the story.  The loving owl shares her wisdom.  The flock of birds is growing by the moment as more and more kinds of birds claim a twig or a branch.  

Could the story be told again?  Could the song be sung to the right ears?  Can it still be heard?

The artwork in this book lifts it above the crowd.  Its beauty lies in the glorious flock of birds.  Each one has its own color, its own shape and its own unique magical self.  They are friends from our backyards and friends from backyards around the globe.  They are deeply concerned on this winter day and they make a plan that they hope will succeed on behalf of us all.

I cannot wait to share this book with my grandchildren.  I want them to see how many different amazing birds there are and I want them to feel the beauty of our natural world.  This book connects us to nature through its grace and through its great respect for the creatures of our planet.  They hold the mystery and the love and the wonder in their little feathered selves.

Read this book with your family and let's see what a difference we can make with our own lives.

Read aloud to ages 4-8     978-9888240555

Recommended by:  Barb

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