Merlin: Ultimate Magic, Book 8 (originally published as: Merlin's Dragon, Book 3: Ultimate Magic)

Merlin:  Ultimate Magic, Book 8 (originally published as:  Merlin's Dragon, Book 3:  Ultimate Magic)

What is the ultimate magic? Where can you find it?

Tensed for battle, the greatest dragon to ever fly the skies of Avalon, Basilgarrad, is watching the horizons for the approach of the enemy. A strange and powerful evil has seeped into the realms of this sacred land, turning hearts and minds from their good purposes and creating greed, ambition and conflict where harmony has long prevailed. Once a tiny, helpless lizard, Basilgarrad has become a mighty warrior for Merlin and his beloved Avalon.

As the curtain rises on the great dragon, T.A. Barron conjures a place for us with his great ability to evoke our senses. We await the enemy with our valiant dragon as the smells of the realms of Avalon waft past and the whole of what we have to lose is clearly impressed upon us. The dark forces of Rhita Gawr have been at work throughout the realm.

Challenging these foes is a first step in righting the wrongs but the real enemy lies in the marsh and it will take all the courage and determination of every creature on the side of what is good and right to go against his dark power. These brave few are willing to risk their loves and their lives to succeed in their quest to protect and defend the precious world of Avalon and all its creatures.

In an age of shallow celebrity, this trilogy stands tall and offers our young readers true heroes as guides and a call to be stewards of our own treasured planet Earth.

240 pages     Ages 9 and up   978-0142419267

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