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Candlewick 2016
Character-Building Curriculum

Grocery shopping with a toddler, even as in this case a toddler bunny, can be filled with action adventure, suspense and hopefully very little science fiction.

Roxy and her mommy pack up the stroller and roll off to their local grocery store.  Roxy is the epitome of excited and helpful.  She crushes the chips, squeezes the bread and rolls the cans down the aisle.  This, folks , is just Roxy doing her warm-up exercises.

When Mommy makes a big mistake and lets Roxy hold the box of piggy cake, the real fun begins.  This sport involved gymnastics, a fair amount of noise, everyone looking and a very squashed cake.

Is there anyone of us who has not beeneither Roxy or Mom or both?  These are the tantrums that earn moms lovely flower bouquets in May.

This would be a great read aloud for toddlers who have meltdowns of their own.

978-0763689261  Ages 3-6  40 pages

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


From the publisher:

From the creator of the beloved Large family comes a sympathetic—and simply hilarious—look at a toddler’s grocery-store tantrum.

One morning, Mom decides to take Roxy grocery shopping. "Roxy can help Mommy," she says cheerfully. Roxy makes a promising start, but when she squeezes the potato chip bag and rolls a can of beans across the floor, Mom is not pleased. "You’re not being very helpful, Roxy," she says, plunking the child back in the grocery cart. "Not very helpful," Roxy agrees. But being agreeable lasts only as far as the bakery aisle, where the need for a certain piggy-face cake spurs a level of high-decibel determination—and a display of headfirst acrobatics—that has onlookers staring in awe. With the signature humor that made Five Minutes’ Peace a classic, Jill Murphy escalates a toddler meltdown to its comical breaking point, leaving readers laughing and heaving a sigh of relief not to be driving (or riding in) that grocery cart.

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