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Adam Melon, otherwise known as Melonhead, is ten years old and it's a wonder he has survived as long as he has. He's a friend of Lucy Rose.Melonhead has a true zest for life. His teacher has assigned a project of designing a reinvention for an invention fair and Melonhead and his friend, Sam, are trying everything they can think of to come up with a winner. Along the way, Melonhead gets his foot stuck in the neighbor's rooftop and brings home a snake and its food, a mouse, without informing his parents. The whole thing is a hilarious romp with an occasional peppering of rhyming dialogue by the two boys and a look at the world through the eyes of a ten year old boy who believes all is possible-you just have to find the way and it may involve making cast-making, stopped toilets and a mouse on the run. Great read for young chapter book readers who like their characters to be fearless and their plots a bit zany.

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