Measle and the Wrathmonk

Measle and the Wrathmonk

Measle Stubbs (love the name!) lives with his guardian, Basil Tramplebone, who is a wrathmonk. Basil hates Measle, and Measle hates Basil. In fact, the only thing Basil seems to like is the train set he keeps under lock and key in the attic. One day Measle tricks Basil into leaving the house, and Measle sneaks up to the attic to see what is so special about this train set. Basil returns unexpectedly, "WHAT IS GOING ON?" he asks. Uh oh! Action and suspense! Satisfying.


Measle Stubbs lives in a dreary, horrible house, with Basil Tramplebone, his dreary, horrible guardian. His life is miserable, and suddenly gets worse when Measle finds himself on the wrong end of one of Basil's evil spells. Now he's only half an inch tall and trapped in the world of a toy train set. But when Measle joins up with Basil's other victims, he becomes more than just a smelly little orphan. Suddenly he's a hero ... with a plan!

Used by permission of Harper Collins

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