Meant To Be


It's spring break and junior in high school Julia is headed to London on a school trip.  Armed with her pocket Shakespeare and her guidebooks, she's ready to explore, learn and maybe even visit the antique store in Stratford-on-Avon where her parents bought their wedding bands.  Those bands are a symbol of the perfect relationship her mom and dad had before he died.  

But all of Julia's plans go flying when the chaperone assigns her a trip buddy.  In her wildest dreams she could never have imagined spending all of her free time in London with Jason with his cartwheels, Boston Red Sox hat, and wild escapades.  It doesn't even take him 12 hours to talk Julia into a party at which she drinks too much, loses her cell phone and gets herself a British admirer named Chris.

With a constant drumbeat of slapstick humor, Julia and Jason find themselves exploring London together even as she hopes with all of her heart to find herself with a guy from back home named Mark who is most definitely her MTB...Meant To Be.  So, will it be Mark or Chris?  Who will be the one she is destined to love?

978-0385-741774  Ages  13 and up  ( F bomb)    292 pages

Recommended by: Barb

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