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Beep. Beep.  Beep.  The sounds of the vital life-giving machines in the hospital are all Maggie can hear as she sits next to her father's bedside.  Her mother and two older sisters, Tiffany and Layla, the hot girls, have gone for a short break.

Maggie has plans. She's writing them all down in her birthday journal.  This is her memoir and it will become important to have this memoir later in life when she is President of the United States.  The memoir begins now, in this moment in this hospital room.

What led up to this moment?  For Maggie that includes a whole lot of eating junk foods and sneaking snacks.  It includes having her own table in the school cafeteria where she spreads out her plans for her science fair experiment.  It includes a cute boy named Clyde and two older sisters who are caught on the family couch and the front porch lip-locking with their guys. It includes clashing with her older sisters about who she is and who they think she should be.

What she did not expect it to include was her father, the person who really "gets" her, lying completely incapacitated in the hospital.  Those beep, beep, beeps are scary.  She knew her dad's legs had gotten sleepy and that he had taken a bad fall at work because of them.  His arms are getting sleepy too and it's harder and harder to make them work as they should.

Maggie is a character we see more clearly than she can see herself.  We wonder if she really is doing the right thing and headed in the right direction.  Is she missing out on life? Is she making the right decisions for herself?  Will her father walk away from that hospital bed and go back to being the life of the party despite the multiple sclerosis that is invading his body?

A coming of age story for one girl and her family.  

Recommended by:  Barb,

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