Meanest Birthday Girl

Meanest Birthday Girl

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Clarion May 2013
Character-Building Curriculum

One look at the title and you know you're in for a story about selfishness and being mean.  A look at the author and you have high hopes because his "PICKY EATERS" was so fabulous and right on.

Sense the pause?  Do I think this will be a great read for kids?  Yes I do.  They will fully recognize the mean girl who they know at school or in the neighborhood and maybe even a little bit the one who lives inside of them...boy or girl.  Dana is mean...full-blown meany here.  Self-centered is her middle name and she thinks about one thing and that is what she wants and she expects to get it.  

She's a pincher.  She eats other people's desserts and she's a namecaller.  Her victims number in the legions.  So, whatcha gonna do about Dana?  

This is where Josh Schneider uses both his imagination and his sense of fun.  He turns the tables on old Dana and not in the usual, expected way.  Nope.  He unleashes the specialness of Anthony who comes up with a fabulous solution.  

It's one of those learning experiences that come wrapped in disguises.  Dana has a strange turn of heart.  I'm not totally sure why she suddenly cares but you know what?  No child will care.  They will read this story with a delightful sense of anticipation waiting to see if Dana will actually have to pay a price, get a comeuppance and to witness exactly how that might happen just in case there should ever be a time when ...dare I say it... yes, they might have erred on the side of mine, gimme, and you look like an Ickaborse.  978-0547838144  48 pages  Ages 5-8  (Great for teaching emotional intelligence.)

Recommended by:  Barb

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