Maybe Maybe Marisol Rainey

maybe maybe Marisol rainey

When her teacher announces everyone is going to have to stand up in front of the class and give a book report, eight-year old Marisol Rainey's heart beats fast, her palms sweat and her stomach twists into a knot. Lucky for Marisol her best friend, Jada, sits right next to her in class.  Jada leans over and whispers, "Furchtbar, " which means terrible in German.

It is terrible for Marisol.  Actually it's one more terrible for Marisol.  Her mind figures out how to be afraid of so many things.  When she imagines going to visit the city of Paris, her brain conjures up falling off the Eiffel Tower.  When she imagines climbing the tree in her backyard, the one she named Peppina,  her brain imagines her tumbling and tumbling with no one and nothing waiting there to catch her.

Jada understands Marisol.  She sees her.  She likes who Marisol is.  That's what it's like to have a best friend who knows you and likes you for being exactly who you are.  A best friend can make you feel like you are being your best self and maybe even inspire you to find a little bit of brave down deep inside you.

What about Marisol?  Can she see past her fears to all of who she is?  Can she believe in herself?

This girl who names her refrigerator and her tree and her couch will find that special place in your heart. Fun and funny.  Endearing and hopeful.  A best friend for the ages.

192 pages              9780062970428                Ages 7-11

Keywords: fears, anxiety, friends, friendship, finding your voice, finding yourself, believing in yourself, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, diversity, diverse books, bullying, brothers and sisters

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


Introducing eight-year-old Marisol Rainey—an irresistible new character from Newbery Medalist and New York Times–bestselling Erin Entrada Kelly!

Maybe, Maybe Marisol Rainey is an illustrated novel about summer, friendship, and overcoming fears, told with warm humor and undeniable appeal. Fans of Clementine, The Year of Billy Miller, and Ramona the Pest will be thrilled to meet Marisol.

Marisol Rainey’s mother was born in the Philippines. Marisol’s father works and lives part-time on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. And Marisol, who has a big imagination and likes to name inanimate objects, has a tree in her backyard she calls Peppina . . . but she’s way too scared to climb it. This all makes Marisol the only girl in her small Louisiana town with a mother who was born elsewhere and a father who lives elsewhere (most of the time)—the only girl who’s fearful of adventure and fun.

Will Marisol be able to salvage her summer and have fun with Jada, her best friend? Maybe. Will Marisol figure out how to get annoying Evie Smythe to leave her alone? Maybe. Will Marisol ever get to spend enough real time with her father? Maybe. Will Marisol find the courage to climb Peppina? Maybe.

Told in short chapters with illustrations by the author on nearly every page, Maybe, Maybe Marisol Rainey is a must-have for early elementary grade readers. Erin Entrada Kelly celebrates the small but mighty Marisol, the joys of friendship, and the triumph of overcoming your fears in this stunning new novel for readers of Kevin Henkes, Meg Medina, Andrew Clements, Sara Pennypacker,  and Kate DiCamillo. ---from the publisher

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