May Bird and the Ever After

May Bird and the Ever After

May Bird thought she could fly if she got enough balloons together and climbed high enough... but things did not work out as planned and now that's just one more story in the annals of May Bird antics that have given her a reputation for being a bit different. She struggles to fit in and make friends at school and now at home, she has begun to see ghosts.

When she tries to tell her mother what is happening to her, her fears fall on deaf ears. May's mother has had enough of her imagination. Then, May Bird garbed in her very favorite shimmery black swimsuit heads to the nearby lake, falls in and finds herself in the Ever After. Here she does make friends with a beautiful young girl who is seeking her mother, an Italian soldier and some others who have all passed on to this side and are searching for a special book. May Bird does not know it but her loyal cat, Somber Kitty, has risked all to follow his beloved May.

May is about to find herself the brains of this little band and as they find themselves in impossible situation after impossible situation, she will learn she has great courage, a powerful imagination that finds possibilities and some devoted friends. As well, she will learn about betrayal on the other side. For children who thrill to read about death and ghouls, this book will delight. 350 pages Ages 9-12

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