Matthew's Dragon


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Margaret McElderry 1991

Bedtime stories are the very best part of the day for young Matthew who doesn't want the pages to close on this very wonderful dragon.  Maybe his mother will read him just one more.  But, no it's that time when the light goes out and the books wait quietly on the bedside table.

But on this night... on this wonderful, magical night... the book does not wait quietly at all.  In fact, it opens itself and a bright green light shines forth and floods the room.  The dragon on the last page sits up and announces he does not want to go to sleep.  "Come on, then," says the dragon and with one golden claw he swings Matthew up onto his back and the two adventurers set forth with a swoop and a glide down a "silvery curved bridge stretching into the night."  

In this night Matthew will shrink down until he is very small and the world will change before his eyes.  The neighborhood black cat looms dangerously over them.  With each turn of the page a magical world grows larger and larger filled with wondrous creatures and possibilities.   Our imaginations soar and stretch and slowly make their way back home again and the hope of another story tomorrow hangs above us filled with promise.

32 pages   Ages  4-8   978-0689505124

Recommended by:  Barb

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