Marvin Makes Music

Marvin Makes Music

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Penguin 2012
Character-Building Curriculum

Marvin Hamlisch made his own brand of music and became famous.  We look at the "finished product" sometimes and forget the journey and especially the beginning of celebrities.  

What was Marvin like as a boy?  What was it like to be Marvin?  Did he get scared?  Did he like to practice the piano?  How much was he like you or me and what made him into the musical genius who gave us such wonderful songs?

Here is a warm, approachable story about Marvin as a boy wearing a scratchy suit and pajamas to his most important audition.  It's done with a light hand but still delivers the message that everyone has fears and challenges and success doesn't get handed to you.

Ages  6-9   9780803737303  32 pages

Recommended by:  Barb

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