Martha Speaks: A Pup's Tale

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Martha Speaks: A Pup's Tale

Martha is a talking dog. How she got her amazing ability is revealed at the beginning of this heartwarming book: if she eats alphabet soup every day, she can communicate with the people in her world. As Martha and her human friend Truman watch television one day, a crime program reminds the precocious pooch of her puppy days. A fascinated Truman wants to hear the story, and Martha obliges by narrating her autobiography. As the story opens, young Martha watches other dogs being adopted from the animal shelter, but nobody seems to want her--except for a pair of shady characters and Helen, a sweet little girl whose parents think a dog is too much trouble and prefer a cat. When Helen finally convinces her mom and dad to get Martha, the puppy has just been taken by the unsavory couple. What happens as Martha is forced into a life of crime by the two bungling crooks will keep kids interested until the very satisfying conclusion. Illustrations perfectly complement the text and portray the emotions of both human and animals characters. A glossary at the end and an autobiography-writing activity will spark the creativity of young readers. 96 pages Ages 6-9

Review provided by Basya Karp, Librarian.

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