Mandy Sue Day

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Mandy Sue Day

Mandy Sue is a member of a large, loving farm family. As a reward, each child is given a day off from chores and lessons, and it’s Mandy Sue’s turn today. As she awakens to the feel of the breeze coming in through her window and the sound of crows in the field, she knows exactly how she will spend her special day. After breakfast, Mandy Sue makes her way to the barn where Ben, her beloved horse, is waiting. She lovingly feeds and grooms him, then saddles him for a day of riding and enjoying the companionship of her best friend. With poetic language, author Roberta Karim invites the reader to experience Mandy Sue’s world: “My fingers brush along rough wood,/Out to the smooth pump handle./Water gurgles up from the earth,/Whooshes down to the bucket./Metal handle digs deep in my hand./On Tuesday, Mama taught us centrifugal force./Will it hold true on Wednesday?/I start to spin./Soon the pail is flying sideways,/but not a drop of water spills./Must be mashed to the sides,/like Little Jeremy and me/on the fair’s Whirly-Gig.” Karen Ritz’ homey illustrations convey the warm atmosphere of Amos Acres. Mandy Sue is a special girl in a special family, and what makes her even more remarkable (while hinted at throughout the story) is only revealed at the very end. It is a tribute to the author’s skill that many readers are surprised when they learn what it is. 32 pages. Ages 6-9
Recommended by Barbara Karp, Librarian.

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