Mallory: Mallory On the Move

Mallory:  Mallory On the Move

 Here, Mallory's parents have decided to move the family and that means Mallory has to say goodbye to her best friend forever and make a place for herself in a whole new town. She's pretty mad at her parents.  This is her best friend forever we're talking about.  

Mallory does find a new friend even though she swore she wouldn't and that best friend is a boy named Joey. How can she tell Mary Ann about her new found friend and still feel loyal to the old friendship?  She pinkie swore that she wouldn't play with him and now Mary Ann is coming to visit.  How is Mallory going to handle the two good friends ..her old friend and the new one who has proved himself to be her kind of friend too!

If you're trying to wean a girl off of Junie B. Jones, this is a good place to start. Read Mallory On Board to get a feel for the storylines.

The Mallory series continues. This is a great series for girls who like to read about girls in various situations. It's a bit of what I call "social reading" just because Mallory is usually involved in some sort of personal or relationship issue.

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