Magician's Boy


These books don't grow on trees.  This is one of those magical adventures that appeals to our young ones who know the world consists of much more than their five senses can tell them.  

Meet the Boy who has a job assisting a Magician.  He polishes the wands and chases after the rabbits that eventually get pulled out of hats.  His most important job is working the puppets behind the scenes for the Magician's St. George and the Dragon puppet show.  

Then, the day comes when the Boy is bringing those puppets to life on the stage and suddenly the puppet who plays the role of St. George has gone missing.  Where can he be?  Where is our courageous hero?

The adventure and responsibility for finding St. George falls to the Boy and off he sets.  Courage, teamwork and a cast of recognizable fairy tale characters lie down the road.  Will he find him?  Will the Boy fall prey to the great and terrible Dragon?  

This is a wonderful heroic tale with a brilliant and highly entertaining cast of characters.  It will reach into the hopeful places that wait inside certain wondrous children who care deeply about the most important things in life.

100 pages   Ages  6-9      978-068987622X

Recommended by:  Barb

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