Magic Tree House Fact Tracker: Space

MTH Space

This is a non-fiction companion to Midnight on the Moon. Some kids love to read, as Jon Scieszka says, with a purpose. This series of books is perfect for them. This companion book explores space in a simple but very engaging way. What is the nearest star to Earth? We talk about something being a trillion miles away- well, just how big is a trillion anyway? There’s just enough information about comets, meteors, telescopes, scientists and all the wonders of space, and it’s written at just the right reading level, so those young readers can sink their teeth into it without being overwhelmed. Other titles in this series include Knights and Castles, Dinosaurs, Mummies and Pyramids; Dolphins and Sharks, Ancient Greece and the Olympics, Rain Forests, Pirates, Polar Bears and the Arctic, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pilgrims, Ancient Rome and Pompei, Tsunamis and Other Natural Disasters, American Revolution, Sea Monsters, Sabertooths and the Ice Age,Titanic, Stage Fright on a Summer Night, Ghosts, Revolutionary War on Wednesday, Twisters and Other Terrible Storms, Penguins and Antarctica, Thanksgiving on Thursday, Good Morning, Gorillas, Christmas in Camelot, Hide Tide in Hawaii, Earthquake in the Early Morning, Haunted Castle on Hallow’s Eve, Civil War on Sunday, Dolphins at Daybreak, Day of the Dragon-King, and The Magic Tree House.

From Random House:

When Jack and Annie got back from their adventure in Magic Tree House #8: Midnight on the Moon, they had lots of questions. How did the universe begin? How long does it take to get to the moon? How hot is the sun? What does it feel like to be in space? Find out the answers to these questions and more as Jack and Annie track the facts.

Filled with up-to-date information, photos, illustrations, and fun tidbits from Jack and Annie, the Magic Tree House Fact Trackers are the perfect way for kids to find out more about the topics they discovered in their favorite Magic Tree House adventures. And teachers can use Fact Trackers alongside their Magic Tree House fiction companions to meet common core text pairing needs.

144 pages  ISBN-13:978-0375813566  Ages 7-10  Grades 2-5

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