Love, Ruby Lavender

Love, Ruby Lavender

Welcome to Halleluia, Mississippi, a town of family, friendship, biscuits, root beer floats, chickens and the memories of the accident last summer that took the lives of Ruby's beloved Grandpa and Melba Jane's beloved father. This summer Ruby Lavender is going to have to cope with it all by herself because her beloved grandmother, Miss Eula, is leaving for Hawaii to meet her new granddaughter and to spend some time away from the reminders of her beloved husband. Ruby is losing her greatest ally. Ruby can still read to the chickens, but now, she has to deal with Melba Jane, that awful girl in her class who lost her father, all by herself. But life moves on and while Miss Eula is away Ruby watches over the three eggs waiting to hatch, finds a new friend in Dove, the girl who follows in the footsteps of Margaret Mead studying why humans act the way they do, and is the unfortunate catalyst for the accident involving the blue paint and Melba Jane's precious hair. By the time Miss Eula returns, she finds a new Ruby waiting for her with her heart healed and open wide for whatever life adventures await. The community comes alive with humor, poignancy, sensitivity and great life lessons laced with a sense of joy, courage, acceptance and healing forgiveness. This is a wondrous, beautifully told story by a master storyteller, Deborah Wiles. 225 pages Ages 8-12

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