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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Jane who had a yellow plastic duck who swam with her in the tub. They had fun playing in the water until one day filled with water from being dunked several times, Love-A-Duck could not squeak. In fact all he could do was Squirt. So begins his journey as he is placed on the windowsill and takes a tumble into a passing baby carriage. He's off to the mouth of a dog and eventually into the pond at the park. Love-A-Duck's voice ranges from Squidge to Squoo to Squark. Eventually he says Squish and Squubble, and Squoo again until at last he finds himself back in Jane's loving hands and offers up a resounding Squeak, Squeak. Imagine the fun of reading this to a group of young ones or maybe just before bathtime at your house.

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