Look! A Book!

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Look! A Book!

If you have a reader who is also a looker and loves to find things in the pictures as in I Spy books by Walter Wick or the Where's Waldo books by Handiford, here is a whole new twist on this entertaining activity. At first it looks pretty easy. Using one word directions the book offers three little cut out portholes to peek through and there we see a book, a hook and a cowboy cook. Pretty straightforward stuff. But turn the page and now see if you can find the book, the hook and the cowboy cook amidst the cacaphony of images that are dancing across the double spread. There are additional things to find...the squawking crow anyone? This offers page after page of hidden pictures and hours and hours of searching fun. When you think you're all done and you've conquered every quest, they hand you a whole new challenge with a list of objects to go in search of. Ages 4-9 48 pages

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