Lives of the Pirates: Swashbucklers, Scoundrels (Neighbors Beware)

Lives of the Pirates:  Swashbucklers, Scoundrels (Neighbors Beware)

"Violent, crude, hairy, rude." Robbers and underdogs. These are daring and dangerous criminals... pirates. But what were they like as regular people? Here are the stories of twenty men and women, all pirates, told s factually as possible and with the "more credible rumors" as well. Meet Alvida who in the mid-400s was a wild Goth princess whose father arrnaged a good marriage for her to Prince Alf of Denmark. Alvida ran away and became a pirate instead. Did she really exist? Did her prince set out a-pirating as well and run into her in a bloody sea battle...whereupon he proposed and she accepted? Let's look at the Greek Barbarossa Brothers who fought against the ships of the Mediterranean Christians. Their most valuable treasure was people.. who were forces into slavery. From England to Blackbeard pirates roamed the seas. Not only men but women as well and from the oceans of North America and all the way to China where Madame Cheng commanded hundreds of ships between 1775-1844 wearing her necklace of severed heads. From the gross to the romantic. Something for everyone. 96 pages Ages 9-13

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