Little Red Riding Sheep


Usually the sheep in the story are grazing quietly off in the distance.  But, this sheep, Arnold is his name, wants to be part of the action.  As the author begins to write a story that could sound a bit familiar, Arnold begins offering suggestions and friends who could play the starring roles.

Arnold himself wants to play the part of the little girl who wears the red hood. Are you with me?  He has the perfect friend to be the wolf, his muskrat buddy named Einer.  (Pronounced as in weiner.  Don't even go there.)

Things go hilariously down or uphill depending on your point of view.  This make a laugh-out-loud read aloud for a group of wiggly first graders who know their way around a fairy tale or two.

40 pages          978-1481457484   Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


The beloved classic, Little Red Riding Hood, has never had a cuter, more enthusiastic star than Arnold in this witty picture book that’s perfect for reading aloud.

Arnold is an eager young sheep who is excited to be in his very first book. No problem-o! Except he’s a bit big and fluffy to play Little Red Riding Hood, and he’s a tiny bit scared of the deep dark woods. Oh, and he has a friend who would be just perfect as Granny…perhaps the author wouldn’t mind a few suggestions?--from the publisher


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