Little Rabbit and the Meanest Mother on Earth

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Little Rabbit and the Meanest Mother on Earth

Little Rabbit is so excited because the circus is in town. He can't wait to see the elephants and the clowns. As soon as his playroom is all cleaned up, he gets to go. He tries to clean the mess up but it's too much for him and his mother tells him, no cleaning, no circus. "It's not fair! You're so mean." (sound familiar to anyone out there?) So LIttle Rabbit runs away to join the circus and tells the ringmaster that his "specialty" is that he has the "meanest Mother on Earth." If he can sell one hundred tickets, the ringmaster will let him join up and be in tonight's show. Now to sell those tickets, Little Rabbit tells a few whoppers about how horrible his mother is, including her green teeth. Mothers are wise creatures and this one is no exception. She turns the tables on her Little Rabbit with flair. A happy ending for all. 32 pages

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