Little i

Little i

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Greenwillow Books (Harper Collins) 20117
Language Arts Curriculum

From the back cover:

"When Little i’s dot falls offand rolls away, Little i leaves the alphabet and sets out on a journey to find it.

Little i’s adventure is epic, and stormy, and twisty, and spine-chilling, and surprising.

Are you ready?"


Little i doesn't know it but Little i is about to have an epic adventure.  You know how Little i has a dot flying on top of it?  Well, one day that dot tumbled off and rolled away and disappeared into the sea.  Part of Little i was gone.

Little i went searching for that important dot.  Little i searched high and low, far and wide, trying to find the dot and put it back in its spot.  It turned out to be a journey of exciting discoveries and like many epic journeys do, this one ends with a fabulous treasure.

Astonishing creativity that comes so easily to Michael Hall leaps from every page as we meet letter who speak up out of their words, we see shapes and colors that gleam mysteriously.

It's pretty incredible how something so seemingly simple shows up to be an amazing nudge to awaken our curiosity on so many levels. Great way to teach the power of an individual letter and the wonder that is all around you and in you.

48 pages   978-0062383006   Ages  3-7

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


A charming, suspenseful, and wholly original picture book about the adventure of growing up, from the acclaimed and bestselling creator of Red: A Crayon’s Story and Wonderfall.

When Little i’s dot falls off, rolls down a hill, over a cliff, and into the sea, Little i sets out on a journey to rescue it.

With a playful focus on the alphabet, spelling, and simple punctuation, this charming and suspenseful quest story about letters, self-confidence, belonging, and growing up is a great choice for the classroom, library story-hours, and bedtime.--from the publisher

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