Little Chicken's Big Day

Little Chicken's Big Day

An enormous wing opens the door and a voice calls out "rise 'n' shine" to an adorable little chicken with a pair of red "chucks" waiting beside his bed. Mama Chicken is large and in charge and the little peeps of her baby are translated to us as "I hear you cluckin', big chicken" from way down there on the floor looking way up there at Mama. Sporting the red kicks, Little Chicken and Mama Chicken wearing some elegant red heels, head out for their day with Mama issuing the orders and Little Chicken following, following, following, until...oops, what is that? A butterfly? This is a charming, humorous story about mothers and their babies and the love that binds them in every moment of every day even when we don't do everything perfectly. Ages 3-7

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LITTLE CHICKEN'S BIG DAY by Katie and Jerry Davis, Trailer by Katie and Jerry Davis

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