Listen, Buddy

Listen, Buddy

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Character-Building Curriculum

How important is it to learn to listen?  A family of rabbits, so charming you wish they lived next door, is about to find out.

Each member of the rabbit family has a special gift.  Father has a great sniffer and mother has great chompers and that leaves it to Buddy, the son, to have the great big ears which really aren't doing much for him because he does not choose to use them.

Ask Buddy for squash and you get wash.  Need some tomatoes and you get potatoes.  It goes on.  Buddy is simply not a listener.  He's got the right equipment he just doesn't pay attention even to the point of his mother asking him for a slice of bread and Buddy proudly swing the bed in half.  His mind and his ears are just not connected.

What are his parents to do?  

Well, luckily for Buddy and his parents life decides to take matters into its own hands and sends Buddy off on a very grown up long hop and while he and his ears are hopping Buddy is going to meet a wolf with some dinner plans.  

The message is there!  Use those ears well and wisely!

Downloadable audio included in this version  9780544003224  32p pages  Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barb

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