Lincoln Shot: A President's Life Remembered

Lincoln Shot: A President's Life Remembered

Told in the format of an “if you were there” newspaper, this amazingly readable biography of Abraham Lincoln presents the life of this famous president starting from his tragic assassination. Most readers know that John Wilkes Booth shot the president, but many of us don’t know about the roundup of the people who plotted the president’s death or their fate—hanging from the gallows.

   After the shocking newspaper coverage by “The National News staff,” the writer turns his attention to chronicling Lincoln’s life from his birth. The wealth of detail in this slim volume is astonishing and is very, very interesting. Readers will gain a new understanding of the events that led Lincoln to the White House and his fateful encounter with leading a nation deeply divided over human rights and economic issues.

   All of the photographs are from primary sources and most other artwork is from historical prints. The yellowed pages make the reader feel as if s/he is reading an actual historic document. Author Denenberg gives careful consideration to recording the president’s own feelings as he watched the damage the war wrought.

   One particularly insightful series of photographs (p. 82-83) shows how dramatically he aged facially due to the heavy burden of watching his beloved country go to war and lose so many of its sons.

   An ending “Chronology” section helps the reader review important dates. If you want to get a better understanding of who Abraham Lincoln, his family, and key players in the time of the Civil War really were, this is the book to choose. It’s a page-turner—even if you aren’t a Civil War buff.

Be aware that some photographs are graphic, such as those depicting the hanging of the assassins and battlefield scenes.  95 pages  9780312604424 Ages 10 and up

Recommended by: Shari Shaw, Librarian, Michigan USA

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