Life as We Knew It, Book 1

Life as We Knew It, Book 1
Life as We Knew It, Book 1

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Science Fiction
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2006
Good for Reluctant Readers?
Part of a Series
Science Curriculum

You know how your Science teachers tell you how important the moon is to life on Earth? Life As We Knew It is the diary of a girl that is living through the aftermath when that balance gets changed, and it is not pretty.

Miranda and her neighborhood are excited to see the asteroid pass through the sky one night. To the surprise of all, the asteroid doesn’t streak harmlessly through the sky – it knocks into the moon just like a marble. Suddenly, the moon is much brighter and bigger than usual because the collision has pushed it closer to Earth. The result of this collision is catastrophic: tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanic explosions, etc. The loss of human life is enormous, and the world has changed.

Read this dramatic and gripping novel to see how Miranda’s life changes as she and her family struggle to survive and hold on to hope after life as they knew it changed dramatically. Ages 12 and up  350 pages

Recommended by: Brandy Huffman, Librarian, North Carolina USA

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