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While Mrs. Heath the librarian is at home with her new twin babies, there is a substitute doing her job back at the Happyland Elementary School. One day Mrs. Heath opens her mailbox and finds a letter from the school along with a dvd. She sits down to relax and watch the movie and is shocked to hear that one of her trusted library pages is shelving the books in two groups: thin and thick. The more Mrs. Heath watches, the more disturbed she is. Fingerpainting? Doing away with Dewey in favor of the Carlos Code? Not checking the books out? Her tension mounts and so does ours as the students, her library pages, are finding more and more resourceful and utterly frightening ways of managing the library in her absence. Now, the thing you really need to know right that if you looked at Mrs. Heath's calendar it would be right around the first of April..... Ages 5-9 32 pages

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